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We are a van outfit company that specializes in customized camper vans for adventure seekers that want to live life outside of the box.

Van Meet Up and BBQ

Saturday, June 3rd @ 4pm

Join us for a Van Meet Up and BBQ! Bring your camper van or come for inspiration! There will be free food and beverages, as well as fellow van lifers and like-minded people. Dogs are always welcome! At 5:00pm, we will be doing a short tour of the Freedom Vans workshop and a Q&A session. Hope to see you there!

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Photo: www.devonbaletmedia.com

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Transition Bikes Demo Van by Freedom Vans

Welcome to our latest build- a demo van set up for bike races and events. Lots of new features in this van, including folding shelves, underfloor storage, and a partition wall with a sliding door. The wall panels are 1/4" plywood with a polyurethane-based boat paint...
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The last two months have been full of exciting changes for Freedom Vans. Our love for Van Life endlessly inspires us and we are pumped on many new ideas and projects in the works. When we first set out to promote the Freedom lifestyle, we travelled to clients across...
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Is the Diesel Air Cabin Heater Right for You?

Traveling in Colorado last winter, Tom and I discussed many different heater options. Fortunately, the 2007 Sprinter van that we have has a feature that will heat the cabin after you turn off the engine, as long as the engine is still warm. This lasts about 30-40...
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How to Choose the Perfect Van

How to Choose the Perfect Van One of the most popular questions we receive is, “What should I look for in choosing my van?” There are so many shapes, sizes, and features in vans these days, it can be challenging to narrow it down to the perfect van for you. Each...
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Solar Shower Review

Solar Shower Review Tom recently installed a shower for our van. (THANK YOU, TOM!) Before this install, one of the biggest struggles of #vanlife was finding a warm shower. We have taken many sink baths, swam in many cold rivers, and bummed many, many showers. Not...
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An Outsider’s Perspective to Tom’s Work

An Outsider’s Perspective to Tom’s Work Three months. Countless hours. And one GIANT vision for one tiny space. Over the last three months, there have been many nights that I have turned over in bed late at night to find the other side empty. Tom had a thought, got...
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Beginner’s Guide: How to Operate Your Solar Power System

Beginner’s Guide: How to Operate Your Solar Power System It is liberating to produce and operate your own off-the-grid energy system, however it often takes an adjustment period to understand how your system works. This guide will tell you how to understand the basics...
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How to Choose a Power Inverter 

How to Choose a Power Inverter There are a lot of options out there for power inverters. There are 12V inverters, 24V inverters, Pure sine inverters, modified sine inverters, and an array of different sizes and power ratings. We want to help you choose the right...
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My Road to Van Life

The Road to Van Life How did I end up living out of a van full time? What led to this lifestyle? How has it changed my life? These questions were never answered in advance. I approached the whole experience slowly. It all came down to RENTING. I was living in San Luis...
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